How to Sell Stock Photos
For Beginners, Amateurs and Pros!

About Nick Stubbs

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    Hi, my name is Nick Stubbs, the author of "How to Sell Stock Photos".

    I am a full time professional photographer and have been using professional grade SLR's for nearly 30 years, I am married with two young children and am predominantly a wedding, property and commercial photographer but I have been shooting, uploading and selling stock photography for the past 6 years at both traditional and microstock agencies.

    I have seen the industry change in both what is required from the photographers as well as what sells and what doesn't, and I have tried to incorporate absolutely everything you need to know in this 130 page book to get you earning right away.

    I have included proof of sales along with their values and earnings as well as which images are popular, which aren't and how to add titles, descriptions and effective keywords to help them get found by potential buyers.

    I personally use Canon cameras and lenses (currently the EOS 5D Mark II) but have had images accepted and sold from a whole host of DSLR's including Canon's 10D, 20D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark III and the original EOS 5D. I recommend you get the best you can afford in order to future proof your work but rest assured that you can get started with stock photography using more prosumer DSLR's costing way less than the above models.

    I love shooting stock.

    I either do it in my spare time or make specific plans to shoot certain projects. The beauty of stock is that as long as you take your camera with you wherever you go, you could potentially add to your portfolio and increase your earnings whenever you like...there is no pressure whatsoever!

    My earnings from all the stock agencies have thankfully paid the mortgage on our 4 bedroomed property in Spain for the past 3 years since we moved back to the UK. Without my earnings from stock this move would have been incredibly tough for us to do and we would probably have had to stay in Spain until the place was sold.

    I have barely added to my portfolio in the last 3 years (maybe 50 photos added with around 3,000 taken in that time waiting to be added) and the income continues to increase along with the popularity of stock photography in general. Buyers from all over the world are finding microstock and becoming customers for life...I myself buy a lot of stock photography for my other projects and have personally bought hundreds of images!

    I heartily recommend that you read this book and put it into practice right away, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain and when you have a residual income from stock, month in month out, large or small, it can become very addicitve and rewarding!

    To your success,

    Nick Stubbs
    Stock Photographer
    How to Sell Stock Photos